New release for Mono 1.2.6

I just disabled settings for mono as it didn't work. I don't have time to support this project anymore. Any volunteers around ?

Best Core War IDE finally on Linux

it is as stable as mix of nMars 0.9.x and Mono 1.2.4 winforms currently are, so still pretty buggy.

Enjoy and contribute bug fixes to both projects ;-)

nMars 0.9.2 - bugfix

Fixed loading negative numbers to core. Thanks to Cashton.

nMars 0.9.1 - bugfixes

Most annoying bug were fixed
- tooltip fixed
- active instruction marked red in warrior overview
- location for more parser errors (expressions)
- autosave before run
- quit without save dialog
- bug in debug warrior overview repainting

nMars 0.9 released !

New features

  • new web on
  • breakpoints & cell info on double click
  • debug step back now works
  • parser improvements
Full list of changes here

First version of web pages for nMars